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Why Hype?


Your space to be you, unapologeticly

Here at Hype we wanted to create a space for our clients to come together and enjoy their workouts the way THEY like them. We have created a unique space that allows everyone to feel comfortable and never judged. Hype is for those of you who like to jam out, rock out or zone out.  

Here at Hype we believe that listening to your body is key. 

We hope you can experience our studio as we know it is one of a kind!


Our Story

Our story here at Hype is a bit complex so we figured we'd have the owner herself explain..

Hey ya'll, Stef here. 

I'm the owner of Hype Fitness Studio. Ive been in the fitness industry for about 10 years now. I've worked for other amazing studios during that time. I've learned so much along the way. 

Although I've loved working for others, Ive always seen myself as a business women. 

In 2019, Covid hit and it hit hard. I lost my job as an instructor and had to figure out a way to pay the bills all while not leaving my house. 

I then discovered my true potential. 

I created an amazing virtual fitness program for women. I helped over 1,000 women better themselves both mentally and physically. 

When life started looking a bit better after the pandemic, I decided to start saving to open up a place of my own. 

Ive always loved a club setting during classes, the lights, music etc. But I also wanted a very clean, tidy, clean cut professional spot as well. 

That's when Hype was born. 

A very modern, yet fun place to be for my fitness friends. 

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